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Kunthi - A Mother's Plight

“Kunthi” is a dance drama piece that explores the boundaries of motherhood through the mythical character Kunthi. Kunthi, a significant woman from the Mahabharata, serves as a metaphor for all women living in a society burdened by stigmas. The narrative traces Kunthi’s journey from an innocent and well-mannered childhood to a phase of curiosity and adolescence, and eventually to the trials and tribulations of motherhood. This transformation reflects her transition from innocence to anguish as the mother of Karna, her abandoned son.
Caught in the web of societal pressures, Kunthi is forced to remain silent about her son Karna, resulting in his shame and humiliation.
Each day, Kunthi grapples with inner conflicts and regrets the injustice she has caused. Her story holds immense relevance in the contemporary world, where people often succumb to prevailing hypocrisies. Mothers are compelled to abandon their children to conform to social norms and avoid the fear of shame, while the children endure unfortunate lives.
However, the significance of motherhood cannot be undermined. It is characterized by love, sacrifice, patience, and unconditional affection. Kunthi’s tale serves as a poignant reminder of the profound essence of motherhood.
Pallavi Krishnan, a leading exponent of Mohiniyattam in the national and international performance circuit, is acclaimed for her versatility as a performer, choreographer, and trainer. Initially, Pallavi earned her training in Kathakali and Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Sankaranarayanan at Santiniketan.

Pallavi Krishnan, Artistic Director, Lasya Akademi of Mohiniyattam Charulata, 16th Street, Hari Nagar, Punkunnam,
Thrissur – 680 002.

Mob: 9447181584 & 6282 255 922

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